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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Day 12 Blogmas 2k17

I used to be so bothered what people thought of my face, my makeup, my hair, my outfit, like seriously it really use to get to me. So what changed? I guess I lost interest in other people's interest, I grew up, suddenly if I woke up one morning wanting to wear red camo trousers then I could and no one was going to stop me. 

Back in January this year I make the long awaited decision to get my nose pierced, it wasn't just a hasty decision, it was one I'd debated for at least 2 years prior. That for me symbolised something, for so long I hated my appearance so getting a piercing on my face was a huge moment for me, it said something about me, it said 'i don't care what you think of me'. Every morning I wake up & look at it in the mirror and I just feel happy I chose that. That choice spiralled me into a lot of other choices and really symbolised a new period in my life. 

'Tis' the perfect occasion to try a new look.

This year was the year I really embraced dressing how I want rather than how I thought I should look if you get what I mean. I completely changed my sense of style, and feel more comfortable than ever in myself and who I am. So now it's time to adapt these changes to my hair and makeup. 

At the end of last week it was announced that 'purple' is going to be the colour of 2018, and I'm feeling that to be honest. Fair enough it's not a huge colour in my wardrobe but at summer time- pastel purple is a bit of me! Coloured hair is something I've always admired but never quite had the courage to try it, some how I don't think blue or green hair would look great on me. Purple or pink hair however yes I love that. 

At the minute I'm loving my hair length but the blonde highlights from Summer have started growing out so I'm kinda feeling something new. I really want to try pink/purple semi permanent dye. It's bold I know, but sometimes it's the thought of not trying something that feels unbearable. Maybe I won't go quite so bright as these examples but maybe I will who knows. Maybe I won't even try it at all. Sometimes though we get bored with the same old and we look for something new.

I'm just obsessed with the ombre look!

Maybe I'll try something not quite so permanent this holiday season instead like experimenting with makeup. I love makeup, I'm forever watching tutorials on YouTube so it's about time I put all that watching into practice. When I was younger I never wore eyeshadow- it's only really something I've got into in the last year or so. Personally I love matte shadows but shimmers and glitters basically scream 'happy holidays' and I'm all over that life. 

Some new makeup shopping is seriously needed, I'm desperate to get Sophdoesnails palette and highlighters. When it comes to makeup looks it tends to be her or Jordan Lipscombe who I follow. But don't feel embarrassed to experiment on your own- if you want to pair a gold shimmer with a blue matte then you go do that. If it works then great, if it doesn't then at least you can say you tried it.

I never would have thought to pair a blue shadow under the eye with a copper lid, but this is 100% something I want to try! I always wear the same look although I love it, I just get bored, I want a change. Pinterest is the perfect place for inspiration honestly I get lost for hours on that site and come away with a hundred new ideas every time. Sometimes you just need someone else to visualise something before it becomes possible for you. 

Eyeliner has always been a go to staple in my makeup bag so why not mix the standard black or blue with a glitter liner? Especially if you put one of these colours underneath as well, it creates a much bigger impact. Even if you're afraid to experiment, this is a great low key thing you can try without being too 'in your face'.

I hope this post has made you all realise that it's okay to experiment this Christmas with your look, don't be afraid to be different. Stand out in a room full of santas and be an elf!

What's your favourite makeup look at the minute? 

See you all tomorrow!
Festive Kisses


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Monday, 11 December 2017

Day 11 Blogmas 2k17

Blogmas day 11 and I couldn't be feeling any worse to be honest, I'm achy, tired, stressed and ill with a possible cold. So it'll be no surprised to hear I'm sat in bed writing this before having a lazy day watching vampire diaries, drinking lemon tea and just feeling generally sorry for myself. 

It's acceptable to be in bed at 12pm when you're ill. 

Maybe this is my body's way of telling me to have a break, I've been so stressed lately about my hand in deadlines at the end of January that I feel like I haven't stopped. Yet that's about a month and a half away- I've got loads of time.... That doesn't mean I'm going to stop work all together but it does mean that I don't have to be working 24/7 and those days where I'm not doing uni work I should't make myself feel guilty for it. 

I guess it's just hard to switch off, not joking I think about my uni work all day, every day- it's the one consistent thing in my mind. Yes that is good because it means I'm putting the effort in but sometimes it's not so good. Take today for instance I'm at least a 7/10 on the scale of illness and I'm still going to do some reflective journal catch up and read/highlight the hand in requirement sheet- I can't help myself. 

To take my mind of it all and because this is what I'll be doing for the rest of the day I thought I'd do some Netflix recommendations for you all: *thank me later when they're your new obsession* 

Absolutely no surprise I've included this because I'm obsessed with the new season! Not going to lie I found the first season a bit slow at times but season 2 has got me hooked... I love the whole aesthetics of the show and of course Jughead Jones aka Cole Sprouse is a bonus too!

Vampire Diaries.
Very late to the party with this one... but I LOVE it! Because I'm so behind I did wonder if I would find it really hard to get into but truth be told I don't. Whenever I have a spare minute this is what I'll sit down and watch. Don't be fooled by the name, the show is actually really good and you should totally get your teeth into this one if you haven't already. 

Gossip Girl. 
What can I say other than has any girl seriously never seen even an episode of this? It's not a show I could watch one episode after another of but if I can't take anymore vampires then this is my go to. It's a firm classic and I love it, not much else I can say really...

Hope you all enjoyed this post sorry that again it's quite brief but I just don't have the energy today to be my usual bubbly self. Hopefully I'll feel more like my normal self tomorrow. 

What are your Netflix recommendations? 

See you tomorrow.

Festive Kisses.


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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Day 10 blogmas 2k17

This morning I woke up to a blanket of snow & I couldn't have felt happier. It was so nice to be home anyway but the snow just made it 10 times better. Plus it was Willow's first experience of proper snow so I really glad I didn't miss that, honestly I have never seen anything cuter than her running about the garden at 9am this morning. Even if I was half asleep.

Early snow days make you feel like it's Christmas already. 

Every year I dream of a white Christmas, and every year that fails to happen- the closest I get to it is the fake snow at Santa grottos. Still it's quite possible that it could happen this year which would be an actual Christmas miracle! 

As well as waking up to a blanket of snow, I woke up to virtually no voice and cough- welcome home for Christmas to me! Not the best things to have when you have to venture outside where it's cold and snowy when you'd much rather be tucked up in front of a Christmas film with a cosy cup of tea and some ginger nut biscuits. The last time I saw snow like this was in New York back in January this year- that's mad how long along that was! I love snow days especially when you're at school because they either meant days off completely or snowballs fights in the lunch breaks. Not that I'm the best at these snowballs fights- I'm more of the target than the one throwing the snowballs. I guess it's maybe not so fun when you're targeted with about 10 snowballs at one go- cold very, very cold!

Aw little Willow couldn't understand what on earth the blanket of white was this morning! Literally the cutest thing I've ever seen although the snow literally froze to ice on her paws which was awful to get off! Had to soak her paws in warm water to get rid of all of it! 

My plans for the rest of the day involve doing some self-promotion work- yay the dreaded stack load of uni begins! My motivation to start is virtually non existent but I guess the sooner I start the quicker it's done lol send help please. Sorry for the short post today, I didn't really have a lot to say to be honest, hence the fact it's gone 1pm before this post is even published. Hopefully I feel more back to my normal self tomorrow- that lemon green tea better be doing the trick! 

Hope you all have a fun day in the snow if you're got any. 
What's your favourite thing to do on snow days?

See you all tomorrow!

Festive (and cold) kisses.


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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Day 9 Blogmas 2k17

So the end of the first semester of second year has come. As you're reading this I will be on my way home for Christmas and honestly I'm so happy. It's kinda scary to think it's Christmas break already, it barely feels like 5 minutes since my parents dropped me off for second year. Suddenly it's dawning on me just how quick uni and my degree are going, yesterday when I walking back to our house I walked past Newton which is like the main building and people were all gowned up ready for their graduations. Now that's scary! To think that'll hopefully be me in just over a year and half. Wow I am shook. 

Enjoy the little moments, they'll be the big things when you look back.

I think we're all guilty of saying things like I can't wait for that the come or I can't wait for summer especially on these super cold days but really should we wish our lives away? I even said it yesterday, I was like "I can't wait for Berlin in January" but that means I'm wishing a good month of my life away... ignoring all the days between now and then.

Yes it's good to have things to look forward to because at the end of the day they're the things that get us through some days. But it's important to appreciate the little what seem like unimportant days in between. Christmas has so many special days but a lot of these special moments don't actually happen when we think they will or should happen. I'm not saying you should love everyday because that's not easy to do, but you should appreciate what you have got instead of what you haven't.

Going home for Christmas got me thinking about all the times I've ever argued with my parents and truth be told it's a lot, I know within a week of getting home I'll be like 'get me back to uni already' but I've decided I'm not going to take everything to heart this year. If we fall out then we fall out I'm not going to dwell on it. Because although the arguments are what we remember they aren't the important things to remember like other stuff. I dwell on things too long that I actually miss the one good thing that's happening right in front of me. Sometimes you've just got to let things go. 

This Christmas I want to enjoy all the little moments because sometimes they're better than the big things. I always say to people that I prefer the build up to Christmas over the actual day itself. Especially with the stack load of uni work I've got to do the little moments for sure will be even more important to me... *lol merry christmas to me*

Happy Holidays!
Hope you've all enjoyed this post I'll see you all tomorrow. 

Festive Kisses.


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Friday, 8 December 2017

Day 8 Blogmas 2k17

A slightly non Christmassy post today, simply because I found a new love, well more obsession really ... tassle earrings! Statement earrings have been everywhere for the last 6 months and I'm only just jumping on the bandwagon now. Why? I'm asking myself that too. 

Where's the fun in boring earrings anyway?

Normally the most extra I get with earrings is just hoops and believe me I don't wear them very often! But this Christmas I'm gonna change this, earrings add that bit of 'extra'  something that really makes an outfit something else! Especially if you're like me and tend to live in black clothes 24/7, I wore these red hassle earrings a few days ago with an all black outfit and I was obsessed! I just think they're so playful and fun- where's the harm in that? I think fancy earrings with an off the shoulder top look so nice too- if you want ways of wearing them I can definitely do an outfit post for you guys.

I popped into Topshop earlier and they have LOADS! You'll find it hard to decide! Although they're about £8.50 which I do think is a bit pricey to be honest. Saying that though I've been buying mine from Primark so they're like £2/3 which is a bargain but..... so far I have two different lots of earrings break from there. Not impressed with the quality at all. So maybe it is worth investing in the Topshop ones after all!

 I love the red ones especially this time of the year because they're a festive level of extra without being an all dancing and singing christmas trees level of extra if that makes sense. Plus red will look great in the summer too. So far I brought black and red tassle ones, the red are my favourite but I do really like the black ones too, they're just less noticeable with my hair colour. If you're nervous about trying this trend then the black ones are a great place to start!

I'm definitely thinking about buying a pair of Topshop ones, I'm just torn between the purple pair and the multicoloured ones.... I'm thinking the purple ones will be good because that's the colour of 2018 so that'll be a great way to show off the colour trend! But at the same time the multicoloured ones are really cool and will go with basically anything. Hmmm tough decisions! Maybe I'll just get both? 
What do you think?

Hope you all liked this post! Are tassle earrings your thing? If they're not then I totally reckon you should give them a chance- believe me with a bit of confidence you can wear anything.

See all tomorrow!

Festive Kisses. 


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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Day 7 Blogmas 2k17

Party season is fast approaching, if that doesn't give me another excuse to go shopping I really don't what else will. This post isn't quite just focused on party wear though it's more clothes that I want to wear over the holiday season in general. So I guess I better get shopping then... if you hear any long distance cries then that'll be my bank account.

The holiday season is the perfect time for layering up in lots of new clothes. 

I'm not sure  that I'll be as extra as this dual sequin number above over the holiday season, purely because don't hate me for saying this but sequins aren't my biggest love. Don't get me wrong I love glitter especially on the face but I'm not really about the sequin life when it comes to my clothes. It's just not my thing. But that doesn't mean I won't be making an extra effort to ensure my outfits are on point throughout the festivities.

Metallic Sheer T-shirt
See there is a way to wear black and be a bit festive at the same time...with this top! The main reason I hate sequins on my clothes is because my hair always gets caught on them and it hurts- why would I put myself through that? This top though solves all my problems, it's sparkly without being too in your face, yet it's still dark & not too bright. Growing up my wardrobe was basically a rainbow. Now it's basically a black hole with the odd dash of baby pink or mustard yellow throw in. I feel this top is so verstile, you could totally get away with wearing it at other times in the year too because it doesn't scream Christmas.

Grey Camo Puffa
I have been on the hunt for a puffa jacket with a hood for what seems like forever. Believe me they're impossible to find! I found what I thought was the perfect puffa jacket of my dreams a few months back in Zara but the sleeves were a weird shape on and it had no hood which is not ideal for walking about on cold, wet days. The second I saw this on Missguided's website I honestly fell in love, it's not my normal style, to be totally honest I'm surprised I even like it. But me and camo print are having a bit of a moment at the minute... I don't know where it's come from I'm just obsessed with it. This coat will be perfect for Berlin in January so I'm really hoping I'll find it under the Christmas tree this year.

Ankle Boots with Track Socks
Pull & Bear isn't a shop I'd usually look at, but damn they actually have some really nice things in there at the minute. These boots are gorgeous! The sock boot trend wasn't my first love when it first started getting a lot of hype, but wow a girl can change her mind. They look so warm! A YouTuber I watch actually brought these boots and she said they're super comfortable as well- warmth, comfort and stylish what more could a girl want?

Marble Mesh Top
Mesh tops are another thing that's having a major moment in my wardrobe at the minute. Fair enough probably not practical when it feel practically like -10 outside but stylish never the less. This one is a bit of a twist on the classic camo print, more of a marble effect. I'm all about clothing with a twist which is probably why I love vintage clothing so much. Don't get me wrong I love following trends, it's just I really prefer being individual and having 'unique' items. The only problem with that is 'unique' items usually come with an expensive price tag unfortunately for me.

Camo Trousers
Not even joking I have been debating buying these trousers for the last 2 months at least! The amount of times I've told people how much I want them is unreal- they're probably sick of me going on about them. I know they're a statement piece but I honestly think they can look really cool on (well a lot cooler than I am anyway). I think as soon a I get home for Christmas I'm gonna bite the bullet and get them, watch them go out of stock in the size I want now I've said that.

1461 Smooth
I have a pair of shoes that are basically a copy of Doc Martens and I love them to pieces, I wear them most days and literally love them more than chocolate which is quite the statement. Even better they were like £10 from Primark. The issue now though is that I've been wearing them too much and now they've broke *sobs loudly* I mean at the minute they're still wearable just not on rainy days. So January sales I think I'm finally going to take the plunge and invest in a pair of Doc Martens.

Sunny Kiss Oversized Tee
Finally something I already own! Again I loved this dress for a long time before I took advantage of the Black Friday discount and brought it. Have I looked back? No I haven't. Because of my height the dress is bit longer on me so I tend to pair it with a belt just so I can achieve the length I want. This dress will be very loved over the Christmas period- I really like the look of it with fishnet tights too although I might wait till it gets a little warmer before wearing that look. Hypothermia isn't a good look!

Fila Disruptor Trainers
I feel like you'll either love or hate these trainers. Personally I love them. Although I wanted a pair in a different colour way- this pair is still cute though! I just think these with jeans, a nice jumper and maybe an oversized coat will look bang on trend. Cool without trying too hard if you get me.

Embroidered Mesh Playsuit
It may be party season but currently I have zero plans to party, I mean I'm free to make plans but I guess I'll just have to see how it goes. If by some miracle my friends and I manage to arrange a time when we're all free I think this would be something I'd definitely want to wear. I love the fact it's got long sleeves but the focus is the mesh detail. I just think it's so beautiful! 

Fjallraven Backpacks
I can't even tell you guys how long I have wanted one of these backpacks for- but why are they so expensive? £75 for a backpack... are you serious? As I have a slight yellow obsession, it was pretty obvious I'd pick out that one but I really like the charcoal one with stripes- I just think it's really different and if you're gonna pay £75 for a backpack you'd want it be different if you get what I mean.

Navy Teddy Hoodie
These teddy bears jumpers have been EVERYWHERE lately, and I'd be lying if I said I was happy about it. They look sooooo comfy and warm! This one by Fila is by far my favourite! It's so annoying before I was a poor student I was happy with non branded clothes now stupid me is obsessed with logos and brand names but it literally breaks my bank every time I buy something branded.

Holographic Pelmet Skirt
As a lover of black clothing this is VERY out of my comfort zone but I just feel like I wear the same thing every time I go 'out out' and I hate myself for it- even worse I don't even like half the things I go out in! I just think this is something a bit extra- a bit different and can really take an outfit up a notch. And I really want it... hmmm let me check my bank balance... 

Hope you all enjoyed this post, sorry if I've made your wishlist about 10 times longer. I've included the links so if you guys want to you can check the clothes out in more detail. Let me know in the comments if you buy anything- pre warning you'll make me very jealous but I'm nosy all the same!

What's your favourite thing in this post?

See you all tomorrow. Lol I go home in 2 days and I haven't even started packing- fun afternoon ahead for me jokes.

Festive Kisses 


Image credit: Pinterest, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Schuh, Doc Martins, Missguided and Pull & Bear. 

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Day 6 Blogmas 2k17

Honestly I didn't even know where to start today's post. My head hurts, my body aches and I'm in one of those moods where even moving to go make food is too much effort. Which is not like me at all!

Lazy days are needed too.

Christmas break is fast approaching. In approximately 3 days I will be on my way home for Christmas and truth be told I honestly can not wait. The thought of sofa cuddles with my dog, Willow & drinking yummy hot chocolates whilst catching up with my parents just gets me too excited. My Mum's already told me the house is decorated ready for Christmas, hopefully I might find the advent calendar I've been desperately wanting (and if I'm honest needing) waiting for me too. Quite possibly I may even be able to persuade my parents for a roast dinner Saturday night, that or a Nando's because I'm majorly craving both right now. I've just got to get through two more days of uni, just two more days. *sighs*

Personally I think today's lesson is probably the most important yet, simply because lazy days are needed. Not going to lie to you guys, I have done zero uni work today, why? because my brain just feels exhausted with it all. I said at the start of this post that I don't know what's up with me, well thats a lie because I do know. I know I feel burnout. Uni is HARD. Second year causes me to have about 5 breakdowns a week and life just feels like nothings ever accomplished. To say I needed a lazy day is probably an understatement, I need about a lazy month.

No matter what you're doing at the minute, school, uni, working, everyone needs days where the only thing they can manage is reaching for the TV remote or dialling the nearest Chinese takeout and that's okay! Everyone is guilty of putting themselves down when it comes to that work/ life balance. We think it's okay to work ourselves to the point where we can physically do no more. Yes it's needed sometimes when we have deadlines to meet, but not all the time, not every day. It gets too much. Life gets too much.

So next time I feel like having a lazy day on a December morning I'm not going to beat myself up about it because in the long run that days rest will do more then squeezing every last drop of energy into whatever it is your doing. Schedules get hectic over the Christmas season so just take a moment to step back and just breathe, look up at the christmas lights around you and just live every second of that moment. Trust me it'll do you the world of good.

Lazy day, yay or nay?

Hope you've all enjoyed this post, I'm actually really enjoying blogging everyday even if I did have to force every part of me to do it today, I'm determined not to miss a day though. Blogmas, I've got this. 
See you back here tomorrow for more.

Festive Kisses 


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