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Monday, 21 August 2017

pls Gimme your style

Instagram for me is my favourite social app, just because the whole process of taking & sharing images of whatever interests you really excites me! Particularly when fashion is such a visual subject. 

As a fashion student I love nothing more than scrolling through Instagram at any time of the day for a bit of 'inspiration'. Whilst I do believe everyone needs to have their own style, there's nothing wrong with seeing how influencers work and style out trends their own way. To be honest it's something I love to do in my downtime- 100% it's my guilty pleasure. 

For todays post I thought it would be good to share my top 5 influencers whose style I literally can't get over: 

There is nothing I don't like about Jordan's style, hands down she is one of my most favourite people to look to for inspiration! Literally everything she wears she looks good in- btw her hauls on YouTube are some of my favourite so if you haven't already you should totally check her channel out.
Two things I've learnt from Jordan's channel are, first reworking your clothes are the way forward- if you don't like a particular top because it's too long then don't be afraid to crop it yourself! Secondly, damn this girl can do an amazing makeup look- if ever you're in need of a good tutorial this is the place to go.  

On Love Island, Amber's style was one of my favourites so obviously being a huge Love Island fan I had to include her on here. She's currently teamed up with Motel Rocks producing her own edit of their clothing line which is definitely worth checking out if you love her style. If only I could wear those sequins dresses as well as Amber!

Whilst on Made in Chelsea, Jess's style was in my opinion the best by far. I love her quirky taste in clothes that normally I totally wouldn't even look at, because I wouldn't know where to start with styling them. But Jess's Instagram has given me the confidence to give these things more of a try & I love it. Experimentation is key when it comes to fashion!

Poppy's style is probably the one which I feel I share the most similarities too. I don't know what it is but virtually everything she wears is something I have/want to own. If you know me well then you'll know I love my blue denim jacket more than I love chocolate, and I always get my inspiration to wear it from Poppy. Plus her Instagram theme is just beyond words!

Okay so I know I said that I was only going to include 5 of my favourites but I literally couldn't choose between Lydia & Lucy, and I couldn't not include them. On paper their Instagram feed is 100% what I would love mine to look like- I love like every single post! Whilst I can still carrying on dreaming about having an Insta half as cool as theirs, their style is majorly where I get my holiday/ festival looks from!

Hope you guys all enjoyed this post- if you haven't already give the influencers Instagram's above a cheeky little follow, promise you won't regret it! 
If you know of any other influencers insta's I might like then feel free to comment them below bacause I don't think I'll ever get bored of following other peoples style. 

Take care & I'll see you guys for more on Friday.


Photo credit: Jordan Lipscombe, Amber Davies, Jess Woodley, Lydia & Lucy Connell. 

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Why I deleted Tinder?

Tinder is probably one of the most hyped up dating apps in the world right now, so what made me want to delete it? 

Okay so I joined tinder, half for a laugh and half because I genuinely wanted to meet someone. Two months later I'm deleting it after hundreds of matches (no I'm not exaggerating), countless hi, hellos and 'how are you doings' later I've still not found anyone. But it was a laugh and an eye opening experience, eye opening for several reasons:

1. No matter how many hi, hellos or hey they pretty much all start with the same small talk convo. 
This is what I actually hated about tinder, I just got so bored of the basic hey or hi, it actually made me stop replying to vast majority of them. I know what your thinking 'how else are you meant to say hello?' and truth be told I'm not quite sure but I just wanted someone to surprise me & do something different. 

2. It's actually quite surprising who you match with.
At school I was the awkward, quiet one who if I'm honest very few people wanted to be friends with let alone date. It's safe to say that the first year of uni brought me out of my shell a LOT. Still it shocked me a little when I matched with guys from school- as I tweeted though 'too little too late'. Fair enough I'm all for second chances and it was nice to catch up & see what they're up to now but if you didn't give me the time of day back in school then why would I want to know now?

3. You'll think you've found the perfect guy then all of a sudden you're un-matched. 
*eye roll please
This happened a little too often for my liking, it's weird cause we'd be having a good conversation then the next thing I know I'd find out I'd been unmatched. I watched Jack Maynard's tinder video on YouTube a while back & he seemed to find the same problem- I'm kinda glad to know it's not just me...

4. Thank god that tinder messaging doesn't have read recipients.
Okay so I not gonna sugar coat this some people are WeiRD on tinder, normally I'd just unmatched as soon as I can, but I was so grateful they couldn't tell I've read their message. C r e e p y...

5. Looks aren't everything.
For me one of the most attractive qualities in a guy is if they can make you laugh, I mean like laughing till you cry laugh. So really tinder wasn't for me on the sole basis on this. Fair enough I know there's got to be a physical attraction but looks REALLY aren't everything. I value a guy who'd have me laughing within the first 5 minutes over a guy who's profile is basically just how many gym poses he can show off.

6. It's SERIOUSLY addictive.
If you've got a spare five minutes, bored at any point of the day, or just simply want a laugh then what do you do? Of course it's go on tinder! Turns out those 5 minutes could end up being an hour or more, like seriously time would fly!

7. Make your bio catchy. 
Mine was (do I really even want to share this?) 'Most probably laughing' because it's true! For me I hoped it said I'm a funny, laid-back kinda girl who just looking for someone to have a laugh with. I mean I got quite a few matches but I still couldn't help but think it was still a lame bio.

8. In my experience guys who have there snapchat in their bio's are fuckboys.
Maybe I'm too quick to judge this but I added a few guys on snapchat from here and they literally only wanted a quick hook up or pictures which really shouldn't be shared (so we all know what they are). One guy I even had on there seemed like a stalker too, like if I shared a picture on my story of a particular place then he'd want to know why I was there, how long for, even who I was with- safe to say I blocked him quicker than he could ask another question.

9. Please don't share exactly where you live with people.
Obviously tinder works on matching people with how many kilometres you are away so locations can't really be kept completely private. But what I mean by this is be careful who you tell exactly where you live- you never know 100% who you're talking to online. Please remember your safe wellbeing should be a priority.

10. Would download it again?
Potentially, maybe I would in the future but right now no I wouldn't. Tinder just wasn't what I'd expected if I'm completely honest- I know life isn't a fairytale but I still kinda hoped I'd find the perfect guy within my first couple of matches and I didn't. Don't get me wrong I matched with some great guys who'd otherwise I probably wouldn't have ended up talking to but it wasn't 'the' guy if you get me. I've got friends who are in relationships now because of tinder which is kinda why I joined in the first place, but that just didn't happen for me.

Potentially the biggest lesson tinder taught me though was probably that I'm happy just being on my own right now. 
Don't get me wrong it's fun and I'm glad I tried it but really it felt like a weight had been lifted the second I'd deleted it. If that means I'm gonna end up being like 40 years old, single, with a house full of dogs so be it because guess what I know who I'd rather be...
Ask me that in a month you'll probably get the standard 'I'm gonna be forever alone' moan I usually have to my Mum but seriously I've probably been the happiest I've been in years in the last 6 months or so and I really don't think finding a guy could have made that any better for me.

Hope you've all enjoyed this post- let me know in the comments below.
What experiences have you had with tinder?

Take care & I'll see you all soon.
btw. if you haven't already guessed I'm loving blogging again and finally have schedule *hooray.


Image: Own.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Land of pink & blue dreams

Very few people have heard of the beautiful island which is La Palma. 
La Palma is a small Canary Island, predominantly known for it's volcanoes. The island's capital, Santa Cruz de la Palma, is a port town with narrow cobbled streets and houses with wooden balconies. The words 'simply stunning' doesn't quite do this island justice.

I was lucky enough for this to not be my first trip to the island, I previously visited around 9 years when I was only 11 years old. We always said we'd return, not quite sure why it took us 9 years to do so, still it was worth the wait. Not surprisingly we stayed at the same hotel as we did the last time, La Palma & Teneguia Princess, and it was just as good as we remembered. 

As you're coming from the airport to the hotel, it's located right at the bottom of the mountain to which you have about 9 zigzags to go down/ come up. Personally whenever I go on holiday, I like to feel as if I'm in the middle of nowhere, because that way I feel far from any stresses and worries of everyday life. So it didn't bother me that it took around 20-30 minutes to get to your local shop outside of the hotel. Really though the village at the top of hill, was typically Spanish, aside from a bus stop and local supermarkets there really is nothing to see apart from the views out to sea. 

The hotel itself was massive with a whole 11 pools much to my glee, honestly I am at my happiest when swimming and when you have 11 pools to choose from, life really isn't bad- not bad at all! 
We went as part of an all inclusive package- yep the dreaded band colour anxiety kicked in- but I had nothing to worry about seeing as it was silver so went with all of my outfits #winning. Food/ drink was free through-out *raises a glass to celebrate, each night in the main restaurant they had a different theme ranging from Spanish to Mexican to Oriental (all very yummy), even the alcohol was decent. Maybe it's just me but in the past I've found all inclusive alcohol to not be very nice but the cocktails were delicious and the whiskey cream was heavenly. 

I have to say I quite enjoyed life here at La Palma Princess. The biggest worry I had of the day was what to wear at night, because as you know being a fashion student the stress is real. Especially when you only have a 20kg suitcase. 

I know people usually do the whole eye roll thing at me whenever I say a certain place is really 'instagrammable' because I know you should be living life in the moment not via a screen. But I mean who doesn't like to take a pretty picture whilst they're away? And this island is full of pretty picture opportunities- just saying. 

Much to my Dad's dismay my idea of a holiday is not trekking over mountains, sweating enough to provide England with rain for at least a month. Although I do have to agree it is nice to see more than just the walls of the hotel when travelling abroad, so we did hire a car for a day. Personally for us, 1 day was enough to see everything we wanted to. We visited Los Llanos (if i'm honest it was a bit disappointing, not much there at all) and Santa Cruz (the capital of the island & a hidden gem), both places shuts up in the afternoons for there siestas so if you're wanting to do shopping whilst there, you're better off going in the morning. 

Santa Cruz was the place I seriously fell in love with, the buildings were just beautiful- even writing this now I still can't believe how pretty they were! Probably just my fashion student eye but I wish photoshoots with big budgets who go abroad to shoot campaigns would really consider coming here for the stunning backdrops. My instagram has never looked so colourful! 

The hotel setting is gorgeous! 

I already know this won't be my last trip to island of La Palma, who knows I may even someday be able to return as a full time blogger then I can snap pictures to my heart's content. A girl can only dream, seriously though La Palma has been a dream. The island, hotel, staff, animation team, everything about this place made it what it is- beautiful (sorry I've used that word way too often in this post). So next time you feel like doing a bit of travelling to dreamland why not look at La Palma because this is where a dream really can be turned into a reality. That's what this trip was to me after all...

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any more questions about my visit to La Palma feel free to leave them in the comments below. 

Take care & I'll be back Monday with more. 


Images are all my own. 
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